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Atlanta Headshot Photography – Studioplex, Atlanta GA

I absolutely love being an Atlanta Headshot Photographer.  Why?  There’s nothing quite like getting to know an individual client and then using my talent and my camera to capture not only their innate beauty, but also their passion, spirit and (especially) their personality.  As a former theater major in college (Emory University ’06) I understand the value of having great headshots.  A good headshot conveys what its subject looks like.  However, a great quality headshot should be engaging.  It should draw the viewer in and allow them a glimpse of who you really are and what makes you unique.

Show. Me. Your. Personality!

For me, Atlanta Headshot Photography sessions are undoubtedly some of my favorite gigs.  So — if photographing Atlanta Headshot Photography sessions is like eating cake, then photographing this lovely beauty was like eating cake with extra-delicious frosting.  She is a natural beauty and she totally rocked out during her session!  When I finished retouching her Atlanta headshots I flipped through them and thought to myself: “Dang I’m good!”  But really, she’s good.  I mean, c’mon she looks like Cindy Crawford and her bubbly effervescent personality just shines right through.  She’s smoldering!


Smoldering, yah?  See what I mean?  😉

Look out for more Atlanta Headshot Photography sessions to come from your Atlanta Headshot Photographer!

Warmest Wishes from Your Atlanta Headshot Photographer,

~Erica Aitken (formerly Erica Hodgdon)
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