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Atlanta Portraits – Lisa’s Portrait Photography – Oglethorpe University, Atlanta GA

I was instantly thrilled when Lisa inquired if I would be her photographer for her Atlanta portraits!  You see, this isn’t the first time I’ve photographed Lisa.  I actually worked with her and her colleagues last spring when her company booked me for a series of corporate headshots in Atlanta.  Lisa mentioned at the time that she was interested in booking a personal session for Atlanta portraits, and of course I was stoked — she’s not only a lovely subject but she’s got sass and personality to boot — and if you know me then you know how much I love working with really authentic individuals who are full of personality!

But what’s even better?  Lisa wanted to include her sweet dog, Bella, in her Atlanta Portrait Photography session.  Now, some photographers get nervous when their clients opt to include their pets in their Atlanta Photography sessions… and I can understand that.  I mean, what subject is more unpredictable than a pet?  (Maybe a wild animal?  National Geographic here I come!)  But me, I love the interesting dynamic that an unpredictable subject (like a dog or a young child) brings into a photography session.  I actually enjoy it when I’m unable to plan for a concrete shot.  I’d much rather let the shot develop organically, because when my subjects stop trying to pose and smile, their interactions become more natural, relaxed and in tune with real life.  Organic moments are the ones you’ll want to hang up on your wall and treasure forever.

So please feel free to bring your pet along to your Atlanta Portait Photography session and allow me to capture you as you really are!


Such cuties!  I had a blast photographing Lisa’s Atlanta Portrait Photography session!

Look out for more Atlanta Portraits to come from your Atlanta Portrait Photographer!

Warmest Wishes from Your Atlanta Portrait Photographer,

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