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Fine Art Products Offered by Erica Aitken Photography

As your Atlanta Photographer, it’s very important to me that I help to guide you, my valuable client, all the way through your photography session experience: from your initial consult, to your photography session itself, to your Viewing Party, and finally, to seeing your custom fine art products displayed beautifully and proudly in your home. When you order printed fine art products from your photography session with Erica Aitken Photography you’ll be able to enjoy the priceless memories of your Atlanta photography session on a daily basis. Plus, they’ll be a unique and meaningful artistic addition to the decor of your home!

When you place a product order through Erica Aitken Photography you can rest assured that you will receive top-of-the-line fine art products. All products are printed on acid-free fine art materials using only the highest quality archival inks, papers and canvases. These materials have been proven to stand the test of time. When you invest in fine art products by Erica Aitken Photography you will receive professionally printed products that will not fade or fall apart, as prints and canvases from consumer print labs have a tendency to do.

The best part about ordering through Erica Aitken Photography is that my pricing structure doesn’t force you into a package that might include products you don’t really want or have use for. You can mix and match from my many product lines in order to create your very own customized package! My pricing structure is simple, clear and affordable and I am happy to break your invoice into multiple payments in order to work within your budget.

Below you’ll find details and examples of all the fine art products offered through Erica Aitken Photography. Please take a look, and as always, don’t hesitate to contact me at (404) 556-8780 or by using my convenient Contact Form to discuss any questions you might have about any of these fine art products.

Fine Art Photographic Prints~Fine Art Photographic Prints~

These are not your average consumer lab prints!  All Photographic Prints are printed through my professional photographer’s print laboratory.  Color consistency, the highest-grade archival inks and the finest quality acid-free papers make a photograph by Erica Aitken Photography stand out above a typical consumer printed photograph.

Available in sizes 4×6 to 30×45 and many sizes in between, Fine Art Photographic Print pricing starts at $20.

Choose from lustre (semi-gloss) finish or high-gloss finish. Or upgrade to metallic or matte finish.

Option to mount your prints on 3mm styrene to protect them from warping over time.

~Fine Art Image Boxes for Photographic Prints~Image Box Atlanta Photography Products

Image Boxes are made of solid wood and are a unique way to showcase your professional photographic prints and provide long-term protection for them over time. Beautiful, fun and completely customizable, personalized Image Boxes emphasize the value of what’s inside. Your Image Box is handcrafted for the most professional presentation and includes a magnetic closure and black satin ribbon pull. Image Boxes can be ordered with either standard prints or with styrene-mounted prints inside.

Choose from a custom-designed photo cover or any fabric cover of your choosing.  Or Upgrade to a black leather or brown leather cover.

 If ordering a custom-designed photo cover, choose to have your cover printed on metallic paper, matte paper, satin canvas or matte canvas.

~Fine Art Gallery Wrap Canvases~Fine Art Gallery Wraps

A Gallery Wrap Canvas from Erica Aitken Photography instantly turns any photo into a work of fine art.  All Canvases are printed directly onto genuine artist canvas with the highest quality archival inks.  Canvases have 1.5 inch edges, with the edges of the canvas wrapped around the frame for a smooth and flawless finished product.  Additionally, every Canvas has hanging hardware pre-installed, so that it is ready to hang on the wall the minute it arrives.

Available in sizes 5×7 to 40×60 and many sizes in between, Fine Art Gallery Wrap Canvas pricing starts at $100.

Choose from black, white or wrapped photo edges.

Option to add a semi-gloss or matte finish to protect your canvas from scratches, wear and UV damage.

Fine Art Print on Metal~Fine Art Prints on Metal~

Eye-catching Metal Prints from Erica Aitken Photography give your images a modern, edgy feel.  Images are printed directly onto high quality aluminum through a dye sublimation process that offers a clean and lasting final product.  All Metal Prints have smooth rounded corners.  Fine Art Metal Prints will grab the attention of viewers when displayed on an easel or mounted to the wall.

Available in sizes 4×6 to 30×40 and many sizes in between, Fine Art Prints on Metal pricing starts at $35.

Choose from high-gloss finish or matte finish.

Wall mounting options are available as well.

Fine Art Press Printed Albums~Custom-Designed Albums~

The absolute premiere of style and quality, Custom-Designed Albums are handcrafted to perfection and are tailored to your tastes and preferences. You may select the images to include in your 10 spread album. Albums are flush-mounted and have seamless full-spread pages, so there is no seam or gutter running down the center and the pages lay completely flat. All albums include true Silver Halide prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Base album pricing includes lustre “skinny” pages and your choice of outer cover material. You may choose to upgrade to deep matte paper and/or premium “thick” pages at additional cost. You may also opt to add more spreads to your Custom-Designed Album at additional cost.

Available in sizes 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12, Custom-Designed Album pricing starts at $445.

Choose from a wide variety of cover materials.

Option to add a photo cut-out to your cover.

Option to add a white or black ribbon tie to your cover.

Fine Art Accordion Mini Album~Accordion Mini Brag Books~

Accordion Mini Brag Books make exceptional gifts for friends and relatives and are also a very chic keepsake for you! Available in 2.5 x 3.5 inch rectangular or 3 x 3 inch square sizes, these awesome brag books hold up to 16 photos from your Atlanta photography session and come complete with protective frosted slipcovers.

Accordion Mini Brag Books are $125 per set of 3 books. You can add additional books (beyond the first 3) for only $25 each.

Choose from 2.5×3.5 inch rectangular size or 3×3 inch square size.

Choose from Semi-gloss or High-gloss Paper. Or upgrade to Bamboo, Pearl or Pearl with Gloss Coating Paper.

5x7 Folded Custom-Designed Card

~Custom-Designed Cards with Labels~

Custom-created cards from Erica Aitken Photography are composed of original photography and innovative design, packaged together for a memorable greeting that everyone on your list will love to receive! With flat, folded and trifold card options to choose from, you’ll end up with a card that’s a unique reflection of your family’s personality and style. These gems are the perfect personal touch for you to mail out to your friends and family for holiday cards, newborn announcements, Save the Dates and any other special occasions in your life. All cards come complete with white envelopes, customized return address labels and envelope seal stickers.

Available in flat, folded and trifold styles, Custom-Designed Cards start at $175 for your first 50 cards and labels.  Additional cards and labels beyond your first 50 are available at reduced cost, starting at $55 for each additional 25 cards and labels.

Option to upgrade any square or rectangular card to a Boutique Shape.

Option to upgrade to Premium Papers and/or Premium Envelopes.

Custom-Designed Boutique Magnet~Custom-Designed Magnets~

Custom-created magnets from Erica Aitken Photography are composed of original photography from your Atlanta photography session and innovative design, packaged together to make a memorable decoration that everyone will love to receive! The best part? They won’t be tossed away, as your friends and family can stick them on their refrigerators or any other metal surface in their homes. Custom-designed magnets come standard with semi-gloss finish.

Available in sizes 3×3 to 8×10 and many sizes in between, Custom-Designed Magnets come in sets of 25 and pricing starts at $70.

Option to upgrade any square or rectangular magnet to a Boutique Shape.

Option to upgrade to Glossy finish and/or Premium Envelopes.

Option to Add Custom-Designed Return Address Labels to your order.

Digital Images~Digital Images~
(…and my 2¢ on why you shouldn’t just order digitally)

In my experience, my clients who only order digital images never get full enjoyment of the professional photographs we work so hard to capture during their Atlanta photography sessions. Let’s face it: when you order only digital images, they will most likely sit on a disc or flash drive in a drawer in a desk, never to see the light of day again! (How sad!!!) However, when you order printed fine art products from your photo shoot, you’ll be able to enjoy the priceless memories of your photography session on a daily basis. Plus, they’ll be a unique and meaningful artistic addition to the decor of your home.

If you choose to order digital images from Erica Aitken Photography you are welcome to use and reproduce your digital images as you’d like, however, please be careful when printing through consumer print labs. When clients use consumer printing labs to process their print and product orders, a photographer’s diligent work and artistic vision can be made to look sub-par. Let’s say you take the adorable photo I’ve captured and processed from your Atlanta photography session to Target or Walgreens (or any other consumer lab) to print. The problem? My hard work is marred by an orange cast, a grainy skew and shows very little detail in the shadows. It makes me cringe to think the art piece I’ve envisioned could be misrepresented that way. The bottom line? There is a vast difference between a consumer printing lab and a professional photographer’s printing lab.

My computer monitor, camera and all of my gear is calibrated to my professional print lab’s color specifications, so you can rest assured that the photograph you see on my computer screen is what you’ll end up with on your wall. I am pleased to offer you digital images from your Atlanta photography session, but I highly recommend that you print through Erica Aitken Photography if you decide you want a printed fine art piece or photograph for your home.

Digital Packages start at $350.


You can reach me by calling (404) 556-8780 or by using this convenient Contact Form. Whichever method you choose, you’ll quickly discover that I offer the utmost in affordable value combined with a uniquely personalized photographic experience.

Warmest Wishes from your Atlanta Photographer,

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