Atlanta Headshots – Kyeley’s Headshot Photography – The Marietta Square, Atlanta GA

Atlanta Headshots – Kyeley’s Headshot Photography – The Marietta Square, Atlanta GA

Kyeley is an absolutely lovely girl, both inside and out. Photographing her Atlanta Headshots on the Marietta Square was a complete delight for me!

Kyeley and I met up on a gorgeous afternoon in Marietta for her Atlanta Headshot Photography Session. Our goal? To capture amazing, professional headshots for her acting resum√© and portfolio. If you are trying to make it in the theater or film industry it is essential to have beautiful headshots that convey not only what you look like, but also who you are as a person. Without a great headshot, many directors won’t even let you in the door for an audition, let alone cast you in the role you want.

As your Atlanta Headshot Photographer it is my passion to capture not only your good looks, but also your personality and your spirit. Ultimately you want a director to think twice before tossing your headshot into the “no” pile. For your headshot to end up in the “yes” pile, it must have sparkle! It must have that something extra that makes the director look at it twice.

Clearly Kyeley’s new Atlanta headshots have that extra sparkle. Since her Atlanta Headshot Photography session with Erica Aitken Photography she has booked multiple auditions, 2 of which are a really big deal! She will be auditioning for a new NBC pilot and a new CBS pilot in NEW YORK CITY this coming March. When Kyeley reached out to share her incredible news, this here Atlanta Headshot Photographer became downright giddy!!!

I am thrilled for you Kyeley! Now go break a leg at your auditions! You’ve got that SPARKLE!

Look out for more Atlanta Headshot Photography sessions to come from your Atlanta Headshot Photographer!

Warmest Wishes from Your Atlanta Headshot Photographer,

~Erica Aitken (formerly Erica Hodgdon)
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