Atlanta Family Photography – Fulmer Family FUN! – Olmsted Park & Candler Park, Atlanta GA

The Fulmers and I had a run of bad luck in scheduling their Atlanta family photography session. In fact, I almost titled this blog post “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” instead of “Fulmer Family FUN!”  

On the original date we’d scheduled their Atlanta family photography session, it rained.  So we rescheduled.  On the 2nd date we booked, Kristie (the mother) got a nasty corneal abrasion (yes, a scratch on her eye…OUCH!).  So we rescheduled.  On the 3rd date we booked it rained.  Yes, AGAIN.  So we rescheduled.  On the 4th date we booked…you guessed it: More bad weather; so we rescheduled AGAIN.  

At two bookings we’d hit a new record for Erica Aitken Photography.   Before now, I’d never had to reschedule a photography session more than once!  It was getting so absurd that there was really nothing Kristie and I could do but laugh about our bad luck!  …Then blessing of blessings; the 5th day we booked was GORGEOUS!!!  This Atlanta family photography session was so worth waiting for!  We shot their session at Olmstead Park and at Candler Park too — the parks were both lush and green and everything went so smoothly.  I guess the saying is true: Good things come to those who wait!


This Atlanta family photography session was so worth waiting for!  Don’t you agree?

Look out for more Atlanta Family Photography sessions to come from your Atlanta Family Photographer!

Warmest Wishes from Your Atlanta Family Photographer,

~Erica Aitken (formerly Erica Hodgdon)
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