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By far the most popular selection of my clients, an Atlanta Family Photography session is designed to capture the unique spirit, joy and intimacy that you and your loved ones share with one another.  Professionally, I am renowned as an Atlanta Family Photographer because capturing families and children in beautiful, meaningful photographs is truly what I do best.

When you choose to hire Erica Aitken Photography as your Atlanta Family Photographer, you are going to experience a photography session in a way you probably haven’t in the past.  Rather than posing you, I’ll allow you the freedom to interact with your loved ones in a carefree and relaxed environment while participating in an activity that you all enjoy.

As your Atlanta Family Photographer, it’s essential to me that every member of your family feels comfortable throughout the duration of your family photo session.  We’ll need to work together to capture happy, relaxed family experiences that occur naturally — stiff, posed, awkward moments do not make for memorable photographs!  Beyond being a natural people-person and an extrovert, I am fortunate to have a history of working with families with children of all ages for many, many years.  I absolutely adore kids and my background working as both a swim lesson instructor and as a professional nanny allows me to connect with children in way that many professional Atlanta family photographers are unable to.

I’m so lucky to be blessed with the gift of readily bonding with and relating to children.  In my role as your Atlanta Family Photographer, this gift becomes an incredible asset: Your children will feel comfortable around me, and therefore, they will be able to relax within the dynamic of your Atlanta Family Photography session.  You can rest assured in knowing that when you choose me as your Atlanta Family Photographer I will capture the natural, happy, sweet moments that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Many clients choose to hire Erica Aitken Photography as their Atlanta Family Photographer to document a special occasion in their family life.  I’ve photographed everything from family birthday parties, family holiday photographs (from which I love to design custom-created holiday cards), special family outings, family firsts (e.g. Timmy lost his first tooth) and everything else in between!

However, you most certainly don’t need to hold off on booking an Atlanta Family Photography session only for special occasions…  Some of the most engaging and exciting moments I’ve captured as an Atlanta Family Photographer take place during photo shoots that are scheduled just for fun!  After all, your everyday real life moments are the memories you’ll most readily connect to and want to savor for years to come.  Regardless of whether you are booking a family portrait photography session to document a special occasion in your life, or just for fun, I take great pride in capturing the one-of-a-kind organic moments that your and your loved ones share.

The results of my unique perspective as a professional Atlanta Family Photographer speak for themselves: By allowing you the freedom to relax and just relish the time spent with your loved ones during your Atlanta Family Photography session, I’m able to take a step back and capture the precious relationships and candid moments that you will have an emotional connection to, forever.  My photographs will bring back all the sensory memories of your relationships with your loved ones and these photographs will endure time.

I guarantee that when you choose Erica Aitken Photography as your professional Atlanta Family Photographer, you’ll enjoy a meaningful photography experience with your family that you won’t soon forget.


You can reach me by calling (404) 556-8780 or by using this convenient Contact Form.  Whichever method you choose, you’ll quickly discover that I offer the utmost in affordable value combined with a uniquely personalized photographic experience.

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