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When I went into Wine Xplorer for the first time to help Katherine Martin out with some Atlanta event photography, I couldn’t stop thinking about leaps of faith.  I myself took an entrepreneurial leap of faith when I decided to leave the side of my incredibly talented former Atlanta photographer boss and start my very own Atlanta photography business.  Boy am I glad I did!  I’m 1000% passionate about what I do, and thanks to my many clients and fans, Erica Aitken Photography has become a resounding success over the past years!  (Thanks guys!)

Well…Katherine Martin happens to be a good friend of mine and she recently took a similar leap of faith.  After many, many years of diligently planning, her entrepreneurial dream has also come to fruition (Or shall I say grape-ition?  LOL!): Wine Xplorer is located in the heart of Dunwoody, GA (just outside of the Atlanta I-285 perimeter) and is all about great wine, great people, socialization and wine education. I was thrilled when I was invited into Wine Xplorer to capture Atlanta event photography of one of Katt’s wine events!

So you think you’ve been to awesome Atlanta wine tastings before?  I guarantee that any event hosted at Wine Xplorer will completely exceed your expectations about wine tasting!  The space is set up to resemble a comfy-cozy living room environment.  The walls are a sunny yellow, there are cozy couches and chairs to lounge on, the decor is beautiful and the whole space just breathes warm fuzzies right into your very soul!  …and if that’s not enough, then wait until you try the wines!  Katherine Martin’s palette is impeccable; she’s been refining it for many years and she sure does know how to pick out the most dynamic varietals I’ve ever tasted!  Not only are the wines sheerly delightful, but Katt pairs them with the most delectable cheeses and chocolates imaginable…when matched with the wine your mouth will feel like it’s in heaven!

But what’s more is that Wine Xplorer’s emphasis is not just on great wine; it’s also all about wine education.  Katt hosts a wide variety of wine tasting classes and experiences featuring many local celebrity speakers, teachers, sommeliers and other wine educators from across Atlanta and the country at large.  I personally have found that I appreciate the wine I’m imbibing to the nth degree when I’m able to additionally digest knowledge about said wine that I’m enjoying.  Wine Xplorer is unassuming and not at all presumptuous; it’s simply an open forum to ask questions, enjoy wine and meet new and interesting people.  Plus, at the end of the night, you’re able to purchase wine directly through Wine Xplorer to take home and savor at a later date!  What more could you ask for?

I captured these Atlanta event photography snapshots while visiting Wine Xplorer in Dunwoody, GA for my very first time:


If you’re interested to check out Wine Xplorer and sign up for a wine class or 2 (and you should be, trust me!), you can find more information by CLICKING HERE.  You can also check out the Wine Xplorer fan page on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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