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So you’re engaged? Congratulations! There’s no better time to capture the love between you and your sweetheart than prior to your wedding. As your Atlanta Engagement Photographer it would be my honor to help you forever preserve the romantic time leading up to your big “I do!”

When you choose Erica Aitken Photography as your Atlanta Engagement Photographer, you are going to experience a photography session in a way you probably haven’t in the past. We’ll take a step back from everyday life and allow you and your fiancé to simply take the time to connect with one another. Being a professional Atlanta Engagement Photographer, I’ve found this concept is an absolute essential to every Atlanta Engagement Photography session.

I understand that you and your significant other lead busy lives. I understand that an Atlanta Engagement Photography session may have become just another chore to check off on your wedding “to do” list. My job as your Atlanta Engagement Photographer is to nip everyday life in the bud. I want you to forget about your “to do” list and forget about life! I need you to turn off your phone, get out of your head and focus solely on your partner and your relationship. Your only responsibility during your Atlanta Engagement Photography session is to wholeheartedly and freely give your love to your fiancé and allow yourself to be completely open to accept their love in return. So don’t be shy during your Atlanta Engagement Photography session: hug, play, laugh, touch, joke, kiss, and just appreciate the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

By giving you the ability to truly connect during your Atlanta Engagement Photography session, I allow you the freedom to step back from the chaos of your life and really focus on the reason you’ve come to your engagement photography session in the first place: you are in love and want to capture your love in beautiful, meaningful photographs. So, as your Atlanta Engagement Photographer I declare that you 100% have my permission to relax and take the time to experience and savor your love for one another.

In my experience as a professional Atlanta Engagement Photographer, I’ve found it’s easiest for couples in love to connect with one another in locations that they feel comfortable in. Furthermore, it’s important to me that we capture you two lovebirds doing things that you love to do together! So…if you and your sweetheart met in Decatur and love to drink wine, let’s shoot your Atlanta Engagement Photography session on the downtown Decatur square, followed by a visit to Leon’s for a glass of wine and some apps. If you and your boo love hiking, let’s head out to the Chattahoochee River for a hike and bring a picnic along! If you’re passionate about your pets, bring them along too! Whatever it is that you and your fiancé love to do, let’s make sure the unique qualities of your relationship are reflected in your Atlanta Engagement Photography session.

Many of my Atlanta Engagement Photography clients choose to order special keepsakes from their photo shoot to showcase at their upcoming wedding. I offer a wide array of fine art products to choose from. Want to know my personal favorite idea that past clients have loved? Order a large fine art photographic print or two and buy a thick mat board surround your images. You can have all your wedding guests sign the mat board and then frame your special memento to keep in your home after your wedding! Additionally, clients frequently have me design their custom-created Save-the-Date cards to include the photographs from their Atlanta Engagement Photography session! These one-of-a-kind cards will be sure to wow all your friends and family.

I guarantee that an Atlanta Engagement Photography session with Erica Aitken Photography will be one of the most fun elements of planning your wedding! We will have a blast hanging out together and I promise to capture both posed and candid organic photographs that you will continue to have an emotional connection to, forever. As an artist and professional Atlanta Engagement Photographer, there’s nothing that inspires me quite as much as love-sweet-love! I adore couples in love! Some of my all-time favorite Erica Aitken Photography photographs have been captured during Atlanta Engagement Photography sessions.

I’d be completely delighted to be the professional Atlanta photographer you choose to photograph your engagement! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me today to discuss booking your Atlanta Engagement Photography session.


You can reach me by calling (404) 556-8780 or by using this convenient Contact Form. Whichever method you choose, you’ll quickly discover that I offer the utmost in affordable value combined with a uniquely personalized photographic experience.

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