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Lights. Camera. Action! Are you ready for your sexy photo shoot debut? As your Atlanta Boudoir Photographer I’m dedicated to helping you get in touch with your sensual side. I guarantee I’ll capture sassy and alluring boudoir photographs of you that will be sure to take your significant other’s breath away. What’s more? An Atlanta Boudoir Photography session is a total treat for you! You’ll be spoiled from start to finish and when you leave your Atlanta Boudoir photo session, you’ll depart feeling empowered with a brand new sense of self-confidence. So don’t be shy; go ahead and let your sexy inner vixen out!

What is boudoir photography anyway? “Boudoir” is a French word that literally translated means “a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.” The style of boudoir photography generally captures a woman (or a couple) as she’s alone in her private quarters dressing or undressing. Although completely nude photographs are sometimes captured, this is certainly not a requirement of your Atlanta Boudoir Photography session. If you’d like nude photos taken of yourself, I do enjoy shooting beautiful, classy, sexy artistic nudes that will flatter you to no end!  But if you prefer to keep your skivvies on, that’s totally fine too!

I have personally had boudoir photographs taken of myself and I completely understand that you’re likely feeling nervous about the boudoir photography session experience.  If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “I’m no model” or “Why would I want to have partially nude photos taken of myself?! I haven’t worked out in months!” Hold those thoughts right there and stop doubting yourself! You don’t have to be a model or a flawless beauty to have sultry Atlanta Boudoir portraits taken and get in touch with your sexy side. Whether you are a size 00 or a size 20 (or anywhere in between), my goal as your Atlanta Boudoir Photographer is to help you look and feel your very best!

I’ll use posing and lighting techniques that will flatter your figure to no end. I will talk you through every step of every single pose and will tell exactly what to do, from how you breathe, to how you maintain your posture, to how you turn your head and where to put your hands. After your Atlanta Boudoir Photography session is complete, I’ll make sure to naturally and subtlety retouch your best photographs so that you’ll look the absolute most fabulous version of yourself possible. But don’t worry, although I always do detailed retouching of your images, I’ll definitely ensure that you still look like you!  My pet peeve as a photographer are photos in which the subjects look overly-retouched, unnatural and plastic, or fake.  I promise that my natural subtle enhancement of your images will leave you looking the very best possible authentic version of yourself! Don’t worry. At any size or age, I promise you will look stunning.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography sessions with Erica Aitken Photography are tasteful, fun and unique in every way. We can shoot your Atlanta Boudoir Photography session in the comfort of your home, in a hotel room, in a private photography studio or somewhere secluded outdoors. You have two options to consider when booking a boudoir photography shoot with me in Atlanta:

Option 1: Boudoir Kitten Photography Sessions (the basic boudoir photography package)

  • $550 (with Erica).  Associates do not shoot boudoir sessions.
  • This rate includes 2 hours of shoot time, 3-4 outfit changes, the full retouching of 70-90 images and a private in-person Viewing Party with Erica.  
  • $150 of your investment will be applied as a credit toward any fine art product or digital image purchases made at your Viewing Party.

Option 2: Boudoir Bombshell Photography Sessions (the premium boudoir photography package)

  • $675 (with Erica).  Associates do not shoot boudoir sessions.
  • This rate includes professional makeup application for your boudoir shoot, 3 hours of shoot time with Erica, unlimited outfit changes, the full retouching of 80-100 images and a private in-person Viewing Party with Erica.  
  • $150 of your investment will be applied as a credit toward any fine art product or digital image purchases made at your Viewing Party.
  • You also have the option to add professional hair styling to your package for an additional investment of $85.

Option 3: Boudoir Parties

  • My associates and I love photographing boudoir parties for multiple ladies!
  • Please reach out to me for your customized boudoir party photography quote and information.

Now let’s talk about outfits for your Atlanta Boudoir Photography session! Although lingerie is most commonly worn during boudoir sessions, sometimes I find non-traditional clothing pieces to be even more tantalizing! For example, your husband’s button-up work shirt, a denim jacket, a little black dress, a sexy vest, boy shorts, a fun hat or your favorite college team jersey can all make for interesting and alluring outfits. Once you reach out to me to initiate your Atlanta Boudoir Photography session, I’ll be happy to email over a big long list of  wardrobe options for your boudoir photo shoot.  As your Atlanta Boudoir Photographer I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, so make sure to choose clothing items that make you feel sexy!

As your professional Atlanta Boudoir Photographer specialist, I’ll make sure to help you feel as relaxed and natural as possible during your photography session. I absolutely LOVE shooting boudoir — it’s my favorite type of photography session! I guarantee you and I will become fast-friends well before the end of your Atlanta Boudoir Photography experience working with me. I’ve photographed HUNDREDS of women within the context of an Atlanta Boudoir Photography session and I know exactly how to pose and light you to ensure that you will look stunning! Ultimately my main goal when I shoot boudoir photography sessions is to help you get in touch with your sexy womanly side and allow you the freedom to give over to your sensuality. I want you to feel liberated, empowered and 110% amazing about yourself!

So c’mon, treat yourself! Whether you’re booking your Atlanta Boudoir Photography shoot as a gift for your sweetheart or just for fun, by the end of your session you’ll be sure to walk away with loads of self-confidence and simply gorgeous photos. I’d be absolutely delighted to be your Atlanta Boudoir Photographer, so please give me a call and let’s get to know each other! I can’t wait to capture sexy, spicy, alluring photographs of beautiful, captivating you!


You can reach me by calling (404) 556-8780 or by using this convenient Contact Form. Whichever method you choose, you’ll quickly discover that I offer the utmost in affordable value combined with a uniquely personalized photographic experience.

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