Atlanta Baby Photography – Luke is 1! – Beaverbrook Park, Atlanta GA

This here Atlanta Baby Photographer adores working with little tykes and Luke is certainly no exception. Luke is an independent-minded sweetheart of a toddler and he recently turned 1 year old!  Hooray!  To celebrate Luke’s 1st year and his toddle-about cuteness, Luke, his mommy, his daddy and I spent a sunny spring morning running around Beaverbrook Park and playing together while capturing family photographs.

During his Atlanta Baby Photography session I noticed that Luke is currently completely enamored of clapping. I think this just makes his cuteness even cuter (if that’s even possible)!  You’ll notice the clapping theme in many of these baby photography session photographs.  Ahhhhhh-dorablity defined!

Maybe it’s just me, but I get the impression that there’s so much going on inside of Luke’s little brain.  You can envision the cogs turning as he gets an idea and follows through with his plan of action.  I have a strong feeling that this handsome little man is going to grow up to be one smart cookie!  Brains and all this adorability too?!!?  This precious guy is certain to grow up to be the ultimate ladies’ man.  Luke’s Mom and Dad better watch out!


Q: If there were an “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands” competition, who would win?

A: Luke!

On a side note: I also captured absolutely priceless photographs of Luke and his family during an Atlanta Baby Photography session they booked when he’d just turned 6 months old.  I’ll aim to get that session, as well as some of my other older Atlanta Baby Photography sessions, up on my blog throughout the summer.  So look out for more Atlanta Baby Photography sessions to come from your Atlanta Baby Photographer!

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